About This is St Albans

ThisIsStAlbans.Com.Au is a website brought to you by The St Albans Business Group Association, an umbrella organisation representing both the interests of the traders within the precinct and those people who venture to St Albans to encounter what is a unique and enjoyable experience.

St Albans is a suburb in the western suburbs of Melbourne located 15Km north-west of the CBD.

St Albans is part of the City of Brimbank Local Government Area and has a population of approximately 33, 511. The activity centre is St Albans' main commercial and shopping precinct and is located on Main Road East, Main Road West, Alfrieda Street and East Esplanade. The St Albans Railway Station is located here and is on the Sydenham Line. Collocated here is the bus interchange which connects St Albans to Brimbank Central Shopping Centre, Watergardens, Highpoint Shopping Centre, Caroline Springs and Delahey.

The St Albans community consists of many cultures. Past waves of European migration are more recently being replaced by Asian and African migrants. Historically, it has been European migrants which have predominated but recently there have been migrants from Asia and all over the world. There has been particular growth recently of the Vietnamese community, which is the fastest growing and visible in St Albans in the street life, built form and the economic function of the centre. Vietnamese restaurants, grocers and specialty goods stores dominate Alfrieda Street and give it an ‘Asian feel'. In other parts of the centre there are several other shops from many other nationalities.

The Gateway, Alfrieda Street, St AlbansThe St. Albans Town Centre is a local, main street shopping precinct located in the centre of the Brimbank Local Government Area. The role and function of the St Albans Town Centre is as a local, affordable service centre with a night time economy based around international restaurants. It is a pivotal community hub that is valued as a centre that people like to visit, shop and socialise in due to the colourful and dynamic multiplicity of cultures present. The St Albans Town Centre supports retail, commercial, recreational and community facilities.

The activity centre draws from a wide catchment area and is considered to have a good mix of shops, an emerging retail food culture, and an extremely high occupancy rate. The precinct is also well served buy public transport and offers a unique selling position that needs to be capitalised on to achieve its maximum economic potential and be successful in the future.

The centre builds on its existing multiplicity of cultures and the street life and vitality that the active community exudes. A successful St Albans of the future will build on the rich, dynamic and unpredictable experience founded on a permeable ‘main street' shopping experience.

St Albans' place character can be described as a dynamic mosaic. As a place it consists of a multiplicity of ideas, businesses, cultures, relationships, stories and landscapes. The unique character of St Albans is manifested in the activity centre through the diversity of buildings, colours, textures, events and cultural influences. Like a mosaic, the many parts and aspects create a whole picture rather than competing against each other.

Overall, the diverse range of people and cultures living together in St Albans creates a vibrant centre, where people from all over the world are welcomed. This migrant suburb is proud of its pioneering history and seeks to better itself through economic revitalisation and growth, community activities and involvement and physical improvements.

The future of the St Albans shopping precinct centres on its ability to capitalise on its unique selling position, and to celebrate its cultural diversity. An assessment of the retail and commercial offer of St Albans has identified characteristics of its unique selling point. The unique selling point of St Albans is its:

  • Multicultural food offer
  • Affordable, good quality cuisine and fresh food
  • Culturally specific, hard to find specialty stores
  • ‘Main street' shopping with unique character and vitality
  • Night time economy based on international cuisine
  • Alfresco dining and cafes which create a friendly atmosphere and community
  • Permeable street market atmosphere
  • Unpredictable experience

Please enjoy browsing and reading our website as we strive to update you with the latest on all things St Albans!